Digital standalone signage

Digital standalone signage technology transformed the face of advertisement. This technology uses (LED display) screen to showcase your product or service to the potential customers. Most of the businesses today are using this technology to be ahead of their competitors. We are the right destination to get the Digital Signage products. To start with our product development, we use cloud-based technology which enables you to operate from anywhere in the world. Our wide range of sizes includes 43 inches, 55 inches and 65 inches. The operating system supports both android and windows with either touch or non-touch.

We develop the applications as per the client’s requirement. Recently we come across a client with new requirement’s like self-checkout, virtual dressing, product survey, online shopping, Live location tracking, Magic mirror and much more. No matter how many add-ons should be included we assure to build the customized applications. We serve both hardware and software for digital standalone signage products.

Always an experienced technical team is available to solve the issues. Irrespective of time frame we offer continuous support to our customers round the clock. We are the one stop solution for the digital standalone signage products embedded with multi features.

A glimpse of Features

Products available in 43 inches, 55 inches and 65 inches
Cloud-Based Technology
Touch and Non-Touch products
Android and Windows System

Unique Features

Trig Analytics Software
Customized application as per the client requirement
High quality products
24x 7 Support

Benefits of Digital Standalone Signage

It increases the sales
More interactive with customers
Minimizes administration cost
Easy to operate
Leverage Video
Runtime based ads
Always entertains customers
Grabs the attention of potential customers
High quality information in less time
Quick implementation of iterative marketing tactics

Trig Analytics Software

Trig Analytics Software was specially developed for visitor statistics and foot traffic at Digital signage, it helps to pull out the analytics report for different time frames, such as on daily, weekly, monthly and even 3 months data. The parameters include Gender, Age, expressions, face readings. The report will be in a graphical representation which can be viewed by an administrator. Thereby, it helps the advertiser to enhance the business.

Through this, you can track different parameters of the customers who viewed the screen. This provides the below details

Trig Analytics Software Features

Face tracking system
Gender identification
Age identification ( Middle Age, Upper Age, Kids Zone)
How many customers viewed the screen
Facial expression (Happy, Anxiety, Normal and Sad)
For how long the customer viewed the screen with time calculation

Trig Analytics Software Graphs and Charts