Mirror advertisement

Digital signage kiosk paved the way for the new era of advertisement. Marketing products and services with digital signage platform have become mandatory in order to be ahead from your competitors.

For the businesses who are keen about digital signage kiosk, mirror advertisement is the effective means to get the best outcome.

Our product includes a virtual mirror that inhibits dual play. It is embedded with quality mirror along with the display. Its functionality is very unique, it acts as a mirror when a person is looking into the screen, the rest of the times it acts as an advertising display. As it serves two purposes we call it as magic mirror.

The mirror advertisement screen uses HD display and it also allows you to update the media content by means of USB, in addition, it has an inbuilt software that enables advertisers to schedule ads on different times of a day.

Always an experienced technical team is available to solve the issues. Irrespective of time frame we offer continuous support to our customers round the clock. We are the one stop solution for the digital standalone signage products embedded with multi features.

A glimpse of Features

Products available in 43 inches, 55 inches and 65 inches
Cloud-Based Technology
Touch and Non-Touch products
Android and Windows System

Unique Features

Trig Analytics Software
Customized application as per the client requirement
High quality products
24x 7 Support


It increases the sales
More interactive with customers
Minimizes administration cost
Easy to operate
Leverage Video
Runtime based ads
Always entertains customers
Grabs the attention of potential customers
High quality information in less time
Quick implementation of iterative marketing tactics

We value your money and provide the best products. We go with the client’s requirements the first step we follow is we figure out the client’s specifications. Based on that we customize and deliver the required output. We provide the economical products and deliver on time. Our high-quality products last long which helps customers to build healthy relations. We provide valuable suggestions to our customers and suggest the required models along with the technical specifications that best suits their nature of the business. We provide dual support in both hardware and software. We offer 24×7 valuable services to our customers.

The motto of advertisement is to make our product or service to reach out to as many customers as possible. This is possible only through Mirror advertisement because always videos speak more rather other modes of advertisements. Through this engagement is enhanced and ROI will also be increased which is the key parameter. The inbuilt software helps you to analyze the user’s engagement, Based on this reports you can improve the advertisements. Our products help to present your product or service in an attractive manner which grabs the attention of potential customers which is the predominant step for a successful business. When a customer gets to know about your business then you can expect good revenue.